The Recycle Colorado Policy Committee works on local and state policy to advance waste diversion through reuse, remanufacturing and composting.

Chair: Randy Moorman, Eco-Cycle
Vice Chair: Jenifer Freeman, Constellation Strategies
Vice Chair: Brandy Moe, Republic Services
Recorder: Nick Wilson, West Highland Mangement Group

We want YOU in Policy Leadership!

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming more involved in the Policy Committee, consider a leadership position. We have created a short form to capture your interests and nominations. All Recycle Colorado Members are encouraged to fill out the form and nominate (themselves or others). You can review what is expected of each of our leaders in their roles by reading the "role descriptions" for each.

Role Descriptions
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2024 Meeting Schedule & Notes

2023-2027 Policy Strategic Plan

This Policy Strategic Plan is to serve as a guide for the Recycle Colorado Policy Committee to use when determining its yearly policy recommendations, which require a two-thirds majority vote by the Recycle Colorado board; Recycle Colorado may or may not choose to pursue active campaigns on all of these policies. The strategies and goals illustrated in this document are guidelines and aspirational goals to provide Recycle Colorado and the Policy Committee with a compass and direction within the policy and legislative realm.

Policy Strategic Plan

Policy Committee Slack Guideline

The Recycle Colorado Policy Committee has developed a new sector rep plan to help improve communication between policy committee members, policy leadership, board members and staff. The plan includes utilizing a new form of communication platform called “Slack”. Slack is an online and desktop platform that allows individuals from various organizations and businesses to communicate through a dedicated platform outside of email and searchable by members. 

Slack Guideline & How to Join

Policy Committee Sectors

Local Government - Front Range: Local Jurisdictions within the Front Range (Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas, Elbert, El Paso, Jefferson, Larimer, Pueblo, Teller or Weld Counties)

Local Government - Rural/Mountain: Local jurisdictions located outside of the Front Range counties.

Nonprofit: Organizations that are recognized as 501c (3) by the Federal government. 

Government Landfill or Material Recovery Facilities (MRF): Government operated and/or owned facility which accepts waste materials to be buried in a licensed landfill or which accepts and sorts materials to be recycled or repurposed.

Hauler: Businesses which offer the service of transporting waste materials (including recycling and compost).

Landfill and/or Material Recovery Facilities (MRF): Landfills accept waste materials to be buried in a licensed landfill. A MRF accepts and sorts materials to be recycled or repurposed.

Manufacturers: Private facilities which manufacture goods (using virgin and/or recycled materials) to be sold.

Processors & Remanufacturers: Facility or operation which processes waste materials for remanufacturing or remanufacturers captured waste materials into new products. 

Large Generator: Facility which regularly produces large volumes of waste materials (including recyclables and organics). For example: Universities & Colleges, Large institutions, Resorts, Recycling Brokers

General Business: For profit companies which do not have a business directly tied to waste, recycling, or organics transportation or processing. For example: Retail, Restaurants, Equipment suppliers, Technology

Compost/Organics Processor: A licensed facility which accepts organic materials to be processed into a soil amendment.

Consultant: An individual or organization which offers consulting services to businesses and/or governments 

Individual: A person who joins on behalf of themselves and is not representing an organization, government, or business.