The Recycle Colorado Policy Committee works on local and state policy to advance waste diversion through reuse/remanufacturing and composting.

If you are interested in more closely tracking the status of on-going legislation in Colorado, link to the General Assembly website www.leg.colorado.gov. From there you can also link to Colorado house and senate member directories. Find out who your representatives are with Find My Legislator.

2020 Legislative Session

Recycle Colorado Active Support

SB20-055 Incentivize Development Recycling End Markets
HB20-1047 Develop A Statewide Organics Management Plan

Other Bills Related to Recycling

SB20-010 Repeal Ban On Local Goverment Regulation Of Plastics
SB20-058 Facilitate Asphalt Shingle Recycling

Fact Sheets

SB19-192 Front Range Waste Diversion Enterprise Grant Program - "Vote for increased recycling in the Front Range" (PDF).
Manufacturing Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Recyclers (PDF)
Architectural Paint Stewardship Program (PDF)
Electronic Devices Banned from Landfills (PDF)

RREO Grants and Rebates

The grant program and rebate program are part of Colorado’s Recycling Resources Economic Opportunity Act of 2007.

Sector representatives are Recycle Colorado members’ link to the Policy Committee

Members with questions about the Policy Committee or current legislation can contact their respective Policy Committee sector representative. 2020 sector representative information available soon.