The Recycle Colorado Policy Committee works on local and state policy to advance waste diversion through reuse/remanufacturing and composting.

Chair: Randy Moorman, Eco-Cycle
Vice Chair: Jenifer Freeman, Swire Coca-Cola
Vice Chair: Brandy Moe, PaintCare
Recorder: Mellik Gorton, City and County of Denver
Board Liaison: Alicia Archibald, Kessler Consulting
Staff Lead: Ally Byzewski, Recycle Colorado Office Manager

If you are interested in more closely tracking the status of on-going legislation in Colorado, link to the General Assembly website www.leg.colorado.gov. From there you can also link to Colorado house and senate member directories. Find out who your representatives are with Find My Legislator.

Recycle Colorado State and Local Policy Framework (PDF)

Recycle Colorado's Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Policy Recommendations

2021 Legislative Session

The First Regular Session of the 73rd General Assembly was February 16, 2021.

Bills of Interest

Historical Fact Sheets

Develop A Statewide Organics Management Plan (PDF)
Incentivize Development of Recycling End Markets (PDF)
Front Range Waste Diversion Act (PDF)
Manufacturing Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Recyclers (PDF)
Architectural Paint Stewardship Program (PDF)
Electronic Devices Banned from Landfills (PDF)

Grants and Rebates

The Recycling Resources Economic Opportunity (RREO) program, established by the Colorado state legislature in 2007, provides funding that promotes economic development through the management of materials that would otherwise be landfilled. Funds are available to support recycling, composting, anaerobic digestion, source reduction, and beneficial use/reuse.

The Front Range Waste Diversion (FRWD) program and enterprise fund was approved by the Colorado state legislature in 2019, and collects funds from an increase in user fees at Front Range landfill to provide grants and technical assistance to Front Range communities to increase recycling, composting, and waste reduction.

Sector representatives are Recycle Colorado members’ link to the Policy Committee

Members with questions about the Policy Committee or current legislation can contact their respective Policy Committee sector representative.

Non-Profit - Front Range: Randy Moorman, Eco-Cycle
Non-Profit - Rural: Sarah Jones, Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp.
Recycler - Rural: Reva Phillips, Southeast and East Central Recycling
Consultant - Statewide: Lisa Skumatz, SERA, Inc.
Citizen: Jonathan Greenspan
Hauler - Front Range: Neil Noble, Republic Services
Hauler - Rural: Alyssa Reindel, EverGreen Zero Waste
Recycler - Statewide: Brandy Moe, PaintCare
Small Business - Rural: Monique DiGiorgio, Table to Farm Compost
Local Government - Rural: Kris Holstrom, San Miguel County
Government - Front Range: Charlotte Pitt, City and County of Denver
Government - Front Range: Jonathan Wachtel, City of Lakewood
Non-recycling Business - Statewide: David Fridland, EcoProducts, PBC
Local Government/Landfill - Rural: Matt Chrisp, Logan County