Lobby Day 2023

Recycle Colorado Lobby Day 2023: A Beautiful Day at the Capitol

Lobby Day 2023 was a great success. With some returning lobbyists, ready to share their knowledge, along with a few newbies, excited to learn, the first in-person Lobby Day in over 2 years, was one to remember.

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Liz Chapman Highlighted in Peak Environment Podcast

The new disposable plastic shopping bag “ban” and Colorado’s miserable recycling rate (15%) are among the topics as we hear from Liz Chapman, Executive Director of Recycle Colorado. Chapman shares information about new waste policies being implemented or voted on in 2023, plus other efforts to improve recycling and reduce waste statewide.

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High Country Conservation Now Hiring: Recycling Positions Available!

The High Country Conservation Center (HC3) is hiring two new recycling positions, each with their own unique scope of work. These roles will help Summit County reach its goal of 40% waste diversion by 2035.

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Middle school STEM teams compete for top honors at the Colorado Future City Competition.

On Saturday, Jan. 21, 2023, 22 middle school teams from Colorado and Wyoming will compete in the regional competition for Future City.

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Resource Central is looking to hire their next Program Director

The Program Director leads our popular building Materials Reuse program -- a national model for reducing waste that has diverted more than 50 million pounds of materials from landfills. Our Reuse program accepts donated building materials and makes them available to community members at affordable prices so they can improve their homes, make needed repairs, and live more sustainably. The Program Director leads program strategy, operations, people management, safety, impact, and financials. In addition to overseeing retail operations for a $1M program, the Program Director is responsible for leading inventory acquisition and off-site deconstruction pick-up strategy. As a member of the senior leadership team, this person is also responsible for developing & implementing strategic priorities, leading with integrity, building a positive culture, and maintaining key relationships with community partners.

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New state bag law will benefit the environment and our health

Great article written by Recycle Colorado member Ryan Call of Eco-Cycle!

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Apply for the Waste No More Implementation Task Force

On November 8, 2022, 70% of Denver voters approved the Waste No More ballot initiative. By law, it must be implemented as written and no changes can be made to the ordinance for at least six months. The city is forming a task force to consider revisions to clarify the requirements, define the city’s enforcement process, and adjust the implementation timeline. The ballot sponsors and members of City Council will be on the Task Force, and any revisions must achieve approval from a supermajority of City Council (10 of 13 members). 
The City and County of Denver seeks representatives of the sectors directly impacted by the ordinance (i.e., office and apartment building owners/managers, food service providers, special event managers, construction companies), and other interested parties such as waste haulers and processors, small businesses, labor, environmental advocates, and residents, to serve on the Task Force. The Task Force will aim to operate by consensus, not majority rule, so it is crucial that all members come to the table willing to deliberate in good faith, receptive to new ideas, and ready to navigate competing priorities. City staff from multiple agencies will serve as technical advisors but will not be voting members. The job of the task force is not to rewrite the ordinance, rather it is to make recommendations to city staff who will then determine which recommendations warrant a revision to the ordinance, and which may be achieved through rules and regulations.
The Task Force will meet according to the schedule listed below, and members should expect 1-4 hours of additional reading or research between meetings. Members may have the option to join subject-specific working groups which would likely require an additional 2-hour meeting per month. Barring any public heath directives limiting in-person meetings, the kick-off meeting will be held in person only at the Wellington Webb Municipal Building (201 W. Colfax). A hybrid option will be available for future meetings. All meetings will be open for the public to observe.


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How will Colorado’s new bag fee impact your life? Just look to the cities that already have bag charges.

As the state follows many local communities with a 10-cent plastic fee on Jan. 1, and a ban in 2024, conservationists count up the benefits.

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Wasting No Resource City Hires Community Recycling Coordinator

Alicia Archibald Brings Two Decades of Environmental Management to Position

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Appointments Made for Producer Responsibility Program for Statewide Recycling Advisory Board

CDPHE Executive Director Jill Hunsaker Ryan has made appointments for thirteen voting members on the Producer Responsibility Advisory Board for the new Producer Responsibility Program for Statewide Recycling. The Advisory Board appointments include the following sector representatives:
● Caroline Mitchell, City of Fort Collins, Municipality seat (3-year term)
● Jake Niece, Ouray County, County seat (2-year term)
● Gail Garey, City of Steamboat Springs, Non-Front Range local government seat (3-year term)
● Richard Kattar, Swordfish Consulting, Materials recovery facility seat (2-year term)
● Nicole Willett, GFL Environmental, Recyclable materials hauler seat (3-year term)
● Clinton Sander, A1 Organics, Compost facility seat (2-year term)
● Elizabeth Chapman, Recycle Colorado, Non-profit seat (3-year term)
● Scott Saunders, KW Plastics, Packaging supplier seat (3-year term)
● Steve Priddy, WestRock, Manufacturer of recycled paper products seat (2-year term)
● Scott DeFife, Glass Packaging Institute, Trade association seat (3-year term)
● Christopher Howes, Colorado Retail Council, Retailers association seat (2-year term)
● Junior Ortega, Asociación de Jóvenes Unidos en Acción, Environmental justice seat (2-year term)
● Barrett Jensen, Waste Connections, Landfill with recycling seat (2-year term)

Congratulations to Recycle Colorado's Elizabeth Chapman on the nonprofit seat appointment as well as all other Recycle Colorado members who were appointed. We are excited to see what the future of Producer Responsibility has for Colorado!

For more information about Colorado’s new extended producer responsibility (EPR) program, please visit our website. For questions, please contact Darla Arians, Producer Responsibility Lead, (720) 263-1219, [email protected]

Environmental Sustainability Specialist Position Opening with Denver International Airport

The Denver International Airport is seeking an Environmental Sustainability Specialist. This position implements DEN’s sustainability and environmental programs for operational compliance and contributes to their continuous improvement. Job duties and responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Leads DEN’s solid waste diversion program including management of our facility wide waste management and diversion contract. This contract is an almost $2M waste hauling contract at the 3rd busiest airport in the world. Successful coordination of the contract requires extensive attention to detail, ability to get stakeholders to meet commitments, adhering to DEN contractual requirements, and exploring ways to enhance service levels and drive waste diversion. This work includes hands on work in the field at DEN.
  • Implements all manner of solid waste diversion programs including recycling of single stream materials, compost collection, food donation, plastic film and wooden pallets collection, etc.
  • Acts as a creative thinker to further develop and expand the waste diversion programs at DEN. You will need to work creatively and persistently to streamline processes, pilot new programs, apply for grant opportunities, and report on waste diversion metrics in support of DEN’s diversion goals.
  • Serves as a subject matter expert (SME) for DEN’s robust Construction and Demolition/Deconstruction program that includes extensive concrete and asphalt recycling. Supports special initiatives conducted on a project by project basis under the LEED framework.
  • Coordinates program implementation with numerous and diverse internal and external stakeholders, including airlines, restaurants/concessionaires, city employees, and the traveling public. Facilitates specialized environmental or public health initiatives, projects, or programs and makes policy recommendations to internal and external stakeholders by establishing and achieving objectives. Conducts needs assessments and directs evaluation to ensure program is achieving its objectives. Determines and implements changes to policies and procedures based on feedback from stakeholders.

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City & County of Denver is looking for a Manager of Zero Waste & Circular Economy

Climate disruption is here. It is past time for Denver to aim for zero waste citywide, build a circular economy, and implement the policies and programs envisioned in the Sustainable Resource Management Plan. City & County of Denver- Climate Action, Sustainability and Resiliency (CASR) is seeking a Manager of Zero Waste and Circular Economy to lead this work while prioritizing stakeholder engagement, local end market development, internal sustainable purchasing practices, and policy and programs that focus on reducing consumption and waste generation through reuse and repair systems.

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Foam Cycle 2021 Annual Report

Disposing of foam waste doesn’t have to happen any longer!
Introducing Foam Cycles 2021 impact report. In this report, you will read about the dedicated people and the inspiring foam recycling programs from all parts of the country.
Foam Cycle locations from across the country recently took part in a Penn State University research project. The lofty goal was to quantify the impact of foam (aka Styrofoam) recycling for local communities that have Foam Cycle systems in operation. Since 2017, more than 19 Foam Cycle systems have been installed, allowing a whopping 4,042,423 people access to foam recycling where none existed before!
The Foam Cycle 2021 Annual Report provides a snapshot of the overall impact that each municipality, county, public-private partnership, and non-profit organization have on recycling efforts. These impacts include providing access, diverting landfill airspace, and reducing trucking.

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Board of Directors Election 2022

In November 2022, Recycle Colorado members voted to elect five candidates to serve on the Board of Directors for a three-year term (2023-2026). We are delighted to welcome to following new board members onto the Recycle Colorado Board. We are excited to continue to work towards our goals and mission in 2023 with the support of our board! 

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Eco-Cycle releases their 2022 State of Recycling and Composting Report

Eco-Cycle released their 6th State of Recycling and Composting in Colorado Report on America Recycles Day 2022 with their partner CoPIRG. The report talks about news and trends in recycling and composting, highlighting municipalities that are doing things well. It also sets the stage for their policy priorities for the coming year.  

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EPA: Apply for New Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Funding for Recycling & Composting

$100M in funding is now available to help build and transform solid waste infrastructure, manage materials to achieve a circular economy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and create cleaner, resilient, and healthier communities. EPA is releasing new funding opportunities under the Solid Waste Infrastructure for Recycling grant program and the Recycling Education and Outreach Grant program, both of which were funded by the historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. 

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RREO RFA #41056 is Now Available

RREO RFA #41056 is now available on the RREO webpage

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City of Greeley RFP posting for a Waste Characterization Study

The Waste Characterization tasks outlined within this RFP will play a significant role in informing the overall goals and objectives outlined in our Waste Diversion Study. Please find an overview of these goals and objectives below:

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Waste 360: Greenpeace vs Recycling, What Wasn't Said

"Circular Claims Fall Flat Again is Greenpeace’s latest assault on plastic recycling. Not only does Greenpeace say it is failing now, they confidently predict it will always be a failure. Instead, we should phase out all single-use plastics and shoot for “at least 50 percent reusable packaging by 2030.” Greenpeace came to bury plastic recycling, not to praise it." (Chaz Miller, Waste 360)

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The City of Longmont's Waste Hauling Trucks Highlighted in MotorWeek

The City of Longmont was recently highlighted on MotorWeek this week for their wastewater powered waste hauling trucks. Check out their video which features our Recycle Colorado Board President, Charles Kamenides and his team. 

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