2023 Summit for Recycling Speakers

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Darla AriansDarla Arians
Speaking: May 23rd during Keynote Session, Colorado’s new Producer Responsibility Program: A conversation

As the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Lead for the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) Materials Management Unit, Darla serves as the technical expert for the implementation and oversight of Colorado’s first of its kind producer responsibility program. As the former Division Manager of Boulder County’s Resource Conservation Division, Darla co-founded the Colorado Product Stewardship Council in 2012 and helped lead the statewide initiative which led to the passage of the Architectural Paint Stewardship Act in 2014. She has first-hand experience implementing EPR at the local level, as well as 18 years of operational and managerial experience in the waste industry. She serves on the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) Colorado Chapter board of directors, was an inaugural board member of the Front Range Waste Diversion Enterprise Fund (FRWD) Board of Directors, served as the chair for the City and County of Broomfield’s Advisory Committee on Environmental Sustainability (ACES) which led to the passage of Broomfield’s Zero Waste Resolution, and she formerly served as chair of the Recycle Colorado (RC) Policy Committee. 

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Matt BallMatthew Ball
Director of Industry Development, US Composting Council
Speaking: May 22nd during Closing the Loop on Compost Session

Matt Ball serves as the Director of Industry Development for the US Composting Council. Prior to joining the council, Matt operated the North Carolina State University Compost Facility and Research Cooperative, where he oversaw organics recycling operations and managed public and private sector research involving composting and compost use. Before working at NC State, Matt developed his reverence for the power of compost while managing an organic produce operation in Orange County, NC, and it was there that Matt cut his teeth making compost in turned windrows to aid in the farms nutrient management, organic matter, and biologic input strategies. Matt has been a Certified Compost Operations Manager (CCOM™) since 2019. 

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Dave BenninkDave Bennink
Director, Building Deconstruction Institute
Speaking: May 23rd, virtually, during Enabling Circular Construction Session

Dave Bennink of Re-Use Consulting and the Building Deconstruction Institute has trained groups in 44 States/5 Provinces, and has helped out in 13 different countries over the last 30 years, helping start 75+ new sustainable businesses and diverting over 100,000,000 pounds from landfills. He and his team are an unstoppable force for good, and focus on growing the circular economy, zero waste/energy movements, embodied carbon, and sustainable building. 

Bennink has completed over 1500 full deconstruction projects, and has worked on 5000+ total projects, including residential /commercial/ institutional/ industrial/ agricultural/ retail and more building types. To keep in practice, he also runs a reuse store and deconstruction contracting firm, repairs items, markets reclaimed wood, remanufactures new products using reclaimed components, and salvages and sells mature landscaping from job sites. Bennink is building UP an industry that takes DOWN buildings, and is involving all people groups, working in the inner-city, helping disadvantaged workers, but also helping them become business owners instead of working for someone else. Historic preservation, equity, affordable building materials, and combating climate change are part of his daily existence. He founded the first Reuse Innovation Center, and is now starting them all over North America.

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Carla BergstromCarla Bergstrom
Solution Manager at Emerge Knowledge Design Inc., developers of Re-TRAC

Speaking: May 22nd during CDPHE Municipal Measurement Program (MMP) Session

Carla Bergstrom is a data management and software implementation specialist with over 20 years of experience. She is a graduate of the University of Manitoba and has spent the last 3 years working at Emerge Knowledge Design Inc., developers of Re-TRAC™. Her primary role as a Solution Manager is to help customers implement and optimize waste and recycling data collection programs.  

Carla manages the Municipal Measurement Program™ (MMP), a program designed by The Recycling Partnership and Re-TRAC™ to provide local government agencies with a robust and accessible materials management program analysis and planning tool. It was also designed, with industry assistance, to standardize terminology and harmonize methodologies in support of consistent measurement across the U.S. and Canada. Carla works directly with key stakeholders including The Recycling Partnership, BioCycle, and numerous state organizations to continuously improve grant application management, standardized data collection, and quality assurance practices.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has worked closely with Carla on the development of the Colorado Recycling Survey, and she is eager to help them implement the MMP throughout Colorado. Believing that consistent measurement and data quality are essential to promoting a circular economy, Carla is keen to learn how to overcome current industry challenges and share knowledge related to data collection and data management.

Connect with Carla: If you want to learn more about the MMP and explore how your community can benefit from the program, please contact Carla at [email protected] or visit www.municipalmeasurement.com.

Ainsley Brosnan-SmithAinsley Brosnan-Smith
Waste Diversion and Recycling Program Manager, Climate Action Office, City of Aspen
Speaking: May 22nd during Barriers in Local Ordinances for Organics Diversion Session

Ainsley has worked for the City of Aspen for the last 2 years focusing on waste reduction, diversion, and recycling programs. Ainsley has a background in natural sciences and prior to her time with the City, worked as biologist to repopulate endangered species. She transition back to her specialty in waste diversion after experiencing cognitive dissensus between working to protect our natural environment and the resource waste occurring in the work place. 

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Shawn BruckmanShawn Bruckman 
Soil Health and Compost Consultant, The Ground Up 
Speaking: Speaking: May 23rd during Microscopy and the Soil Food Web Session & Compost Processes: Adjusting recipes for unconventional feedstocks Session

Shawn Bruckman is a Compost Consultant and Soil Health Specialist at The Ground Up and the Compost Operator Training Facilitator for the Compost Research and Education Foundation. With over a decade of experience building, marketing and managing commercial compost operations in the Rocky Mountains, she is passionate about utilizing composting as a waste diversion strategy that fuels the circular economy and drives natural climate solutions. She serves on Colorado’s Soil Health Advisory Committee, the Eagle County Conservation District board, New Roots CO board, and the Colorado Compost Council leadership team. 

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Ryan CallRyan J. Call
Campaigns Coordinator, Eco-Cycle

Speaking: May 22nd during Reduce. Reuse. Divert. Repeat: Breaking the Disposable Culture.

Ryan J. Call is the Campaigns Coordinator for Eco-Cycle. He earned an M.S. in Environmental Policy and Management from the University of Denver, where he focused on sustainable waste management. Ryan has worked on several successful Zero Waste projects at the municipal and state level. He currently lives in southeast Denver with his wife. 

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Liz ChapmanLiz Chapman
Executive Director, Recycle Colorado/ Chair of Producer Responsibility Advisory Board in Colorado
She/ Her
Speaking: May 21st during Policy Retreat & Welcome Reception, May 22nd during the Welcome & May 23rd during the Welcome & Keynote Presentation

Dr. Chapman has been immersed in the waste universe of Colorado since 2008. She began her journey into waste and recycling systems when waste behaviors became the focus of her dissertation. Liz went from being a volunteer with the Colorado Division of Wildlife to currently serving as the Executive Director of Recycle Colorado. She has a personal commitment to help our society transition from a linear economic model to a circular one. Although she began her career in waste in the rural mountains, Liz now works closely with the waste community in the urban Front Range and is excited to be learning something new each day. Over many years of working with disparate stakeholders, whether in education, nonprofits, for profit, or in waste, she has practiced listening to find the commonalities between perspectives. Recycle Colorado is a non-profit made up of members throughout the state, all of which are approaching waste diversion, reduction, and recovery from different angles (regulatory, profit, environmental protection, social equity, etc.), so her experience as an educator, regulator, researcher, and collaborator has given her the skills needed to build consensus among the vast variety of people and organizations who share the mission to capture the value contained in our waste stream. 

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Kate CollardsonKate Collardson
CoFounder of SolarRecycle.org, Senior Manager of Residential Operations at Omnidian, Chair of the Longmont Sustainability Advisory Board
Speaking: May 23rd during Recruiting Cleantech Recyclers to Colorado's Circular Economy Development Center Session

Kate Collardson (they/she) has worked in the solar industry since 2006 as an installer, designer, project manager, trainer, and program manager. As Senior Manager of Residential Operations at Omnidian, they support the Customer Service team. Kate holds a NABCEP PV Installation Professional credential, serves as Chair of the Longmont Sustainability Advisory Board, and is a cofounder of SolarRecycle.org, a resource for owners of end of life solar equipment. Kate has a B.A. in German from Colorado College and an MBA, with a Certificate in Sustainable Technology and Management, from Arizona State University.

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Megan DaumMegan Daum
Vice President, Sustainability at American Beverage 
Speaking: May 22nd during How Do Producer Responsibility and Recycling Refund Programs Work Together? A panel discussion

Megan Daum is the vice president of sustainability at the American Beverage Association (ABA), where she oversees the industry’s sustainability programs, policies and activities. Prior to joining ABA, Megan was the vice president of sustainability at the Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI), where she headed the sustainability program for thirteen years. She has sat on various U.S. and International Committees on packaging, policy and sustainability. She has a Master’s Degree from the University of Vermont and lives in Washington DC. 

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Kinley DellerKinley Deller
C&D Program Manager
Speaking: May 22nd during Enabling Circular Construction Session

Kinley Deller manages the King County Construction and Demolition (C&D) materials diversion program. Building on over 29 years experience in the waste reduction field, Kinley is well versed in deconstruction and building salvage practices. He has been instrumental in promoting the local reuse of salvaged wood and the concept of design for disassembly to maximize the potential for future building reuse. 

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Tessa DieterTessa Dieter
Senior Specialist, Environmental Compliance City of Fort Collins
Speaking: May 22nd during The C&D Council Presents: The Colorado C&D Policy Toolkit Session

Tessa Dieter is an Environmental Compliance Specialist at the City of Fort Collins where she specializes in environmental policy development and enforcement. Tessa oversees the Construction and Demolition waste diversion program at the City, which includes implementing local waste diversion regulations. Prior to working in local government, Tessa worked in the regulatory compliance sector of the oil and gas industry for nearly a decade. Tessa graduated from the University of Colorado Denver with a degree in Environmental Science and is currently finishing her MS at the University of Denver in the Environmental Policy and Management graduate program. In her free time, Tessa enjoys sailing, rockhounding, and canning her homegrown veggies.

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Conor DoughertyConor Dougherty
Zero Waste Manager, Resource Central

Speaking: May 23rd during Deconstruction Partnerships and Pathways

Conor holds a master degree in Resilient Leadership from Naropa University and currently acts as Resource Central’s Zero Waste Manager. Conor’s graduate work focused on sustainable systems development with an emphasis on systems thinking, non-violent communication and facilitation, and environmental leadership. Prior to working with Resource Central, Conor helped launch a regenerative agriculture startup project in Boulder CO called Boundless Landscapes. He also worked with Breckenridge Brewery helping plan and execute zero waste events. Conor’s work at Resource Central Focuses on C&D waste recycling and reuse efforts, zero waste community engagement and education, and reuse materials allocation. His goal is to create sustainable and resilient communities that maximize waste diversion. 

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Jace DriverJace Driver
Waste Diversion Specialist, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Speaking: May 22nd during the State Organics Updates Session

Jace Driver is a Waste Diversion Specialist at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and has ten years of experience in solid waste management. He is responsible for the registration and oversight of municipal solid waste recycling facilities, as well as the data collection and reporting for all waste diversion in the state. Additionally, he is the compost lead for the state, and provides guidance for prospective composters. Jace graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver with a degree in Environmental Science. In his free time, Jace enjoys skiing, hiking, biking, reading, and watching hockey. Go Avs!

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Tay DunkleeTay Dunklee
Consultant at RRS
Speaking: May 22nd during Advancing Communities Up the Zero Waste Ladder: Actions, Leading Practices, and FRWD’s New TASP Program Session

Tay Dunklee is a Colorado-based consultant with Resource Recycling Systems (RRS). Prior to joining RRS, Tay spent nearly a decade managing recycling programs and policies for a large Front Range community, which included expanding curbside composting, implementing universal recycling, and overseeing school recycling programs.

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Charles DupreyCharles Duprey
President, Naturcycle 
Speaking: May 22nd during Closing the Loop on Compost Session

Charles is a leading expert in compost marketing and end uses in the Northeast. He has spent over 16 years working to develop compost markets and value added uses. Starting on the road meeting as sales person meeting landscapers, developers and civil contractors Mr. Duprey still spends much of his time visiting sites, and educating landscape architects.  

Charles currently serves as a trustee for the Composting Education and Research Foundation. He is a past Vice Chair of the US composting Council Market Development Committee and current Co-Chair of the Seal of Testing Assurance Advisory Committee. His firm Naturcycle works with Municipal and private composters around the Northeast to market and use compost in the public and private sectors. Along with operating three soil blending facilities strategically located around the Northeast focusing on specialty soils, green roof media and more. Mr. Duprey holds a BS and BA from Syracuse University and resides in Upstate New York. 

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Lanny EllisLanny Ellis
Microscopist, The Ground Up
Speaking: May 23rd during Microscopy and the Soil Food Web

Lanny has an educational background in Anthropology, and moved to Eagle County in 2013. He is a Colorado Master Gardener, Certified Permaculture Designer and an advocate for soil health and regeneration. He is also the executive director of a small non profit called, New Roots CO, whose mission is to support our local food system through education, outreach and partnership. He has a passion for nature and it's gift of life in all of its forms. 

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Emily FreemanEmily Freeman
Policy Advisor, Circular Economy - City of Boulder
Commissioner, Colorado Solid & Hazardous Waste Commission
Past Chair, CDPHE Pollution Prevention Advisory Board Assistance Committee
Moderating: May 22nd during The C&D Council Presents: The Colorado C&D Policy Toolkit Session and May 23rd during Deconstruction Partnerships and Pathways

Emily Freeman is a Policy Advisor, Circular Economy for the City of Boulder. She oversees the success of Boulder’s deconstruction ordinance to keep carbon intensive building materials available for reuse and recycling. Since ordinance implementation Boulder has diverted 72% of building materials from the landfill. Emily is leading efforts to identify opportunities for improvement, engage with the deconstruction community, and drive progress towards the city’s goals. Additionally, Emily is mapping out the reuse economy in Boulder around everything from the built environment to reusable service ware for public consumption. Emily is an experienced public and private sector sustainability professional adept at developing sustainability roadmaps, waste audits, managing environmental management systems, and recycling program management. She holds a Masters in Sustainability from Arizona State University. In her down time, Emily enjoys getting outside with her husband, their dog Olaf and is getting a kick out of teaching her three-year old to ride a bike.

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Jenifer FreemanJenifer Freeman
Director of Public Relations & Government Affairs, Swire Coca-Cola
Speaking: May 23rd during Welcome to Day 2

Jenifer Freeman is the Director of Public Relations, Government Affairs and Sustainability for Swire Coca-Cola, USA in Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Nebraska and Wyoming. She is responsible for managing external relationships and issues with government officials, third party stakeholders, industry organizations and community partners. In addition, Jenifer develops programs to address critical issues, such as recycling, water, workforce development and women’s empowerment with partners, customers and government officials and agencies. Her role is essential in reputational advancement of the Swire Coca-Cola brand in the public arena. Jenifer holds a bachelor’s degree in International Studies from the University of South Carolina and a master’s degree from the University of Denver’s Korbel School of International Studies. Prior to Swire Coca-Cola, Jenifer served as the VP of State Government Affairs for UnitedHealth Group, Principal at Parquet Public Affairs and Deputy Executive Director of the Democratic Attorneys General Association. Throughout her career, she has supported various local and state political campaigns in a consulting and advisory capacity. She serves on the Advisory Board for A Precious Child, as Co -Vice-President of the Board of Directors for Recycle Colorado, Advisory Board of the USO in Colorado & Wyoming, and the Colorado Restaurant Association Foundation Board. She is proud mom and citizen of Erie, Colorado.

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Juri FreemanJuri Freeman
Managing Principal at RRS
Speaking: May 22nd during Advancing Communities up the Zero Waste Ladder: Actions, Leading Practices, and FRWD's New TASP Program Session

Juri Freeman, Managing Principal, Resource Recycling Systems (RRS) - Juri is a resource economist with 17 years in the recycling industry. He manages RRS’s public sector work out of the firm’s Boulder, Colorado office. Juri leads the development and execution of innovative material recovery projects across North America, including end market acceleration, zero waste programming, packaging design, recovery, and recycling, organics management, and organics recovery.

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David FridlandDavid J. Fridland, MPP
Sustainability Manager, Denver International Airport
President of the Board, Recycle Colorado
Speaking: May 23rd during May 23rd During What is our role in the Circular Economy? 

David Fridland is the Environmental Sustainability Manager at the Denver International Airport where he oversees the Waste Diversion, Air Quality, and Climate programs, with the help of his hardworking team.

He previously served as the Sustainability Maven at Eco-Products, PBC. As part of his role, David worked with large food waste generators in Colorado to implement a fully compostable bundle and divert food waste and compostable packaging from the landfill. Also, David previously worked as the East Boulder County Campaigns coordinator at Eco-Cycle, and had the privilege of working with the Cities of Longmont and Lafayette on education for their newly established residential composting programs.

David currently serves as the President of the Board of Recycle Colorado, and has been involved with this great organization since 2014.

David has been in the Zero Waste industry since graduating from the University of Colorado in 2012, and received his Masters in Public Policy from the University of Denver in 2017, where he wrote his thesis on Electronics Recycling in our state.

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Shelly FullerShelly Fuller
Hazardous Materials Program Manager, Boulder County Resource Conservation
North American Hazardous Materials Management Association, Board of Director and Rocky Mountain Chapter President
Speaking: May 23rd during Household Hazardous Waste Collection and Diversion Session

Shelly Fuller began her career in the household hazardous waste (HHW) world with Mesa County Solid Waste Management as a Hazardous Materials Specialist and worked her way up into the Hazardous Materials Manager position.  For the last decade, she has been the Hazardous Materials Program Manager for Boulder County and oversees the daily operations of the Boulder County Hazardous Materials Management Program. She also works closely with local businesses and community organizations to promote safe and responsible hazardous waste management practices.  She currently serves on the NAHMMA Board of Directors and is the Rocky Mountain Chapter President.  In her free time, Shelly enjoys working on anything crafty and hopes to visit all US National Parks.

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John GiordanengoJohn H. Giordanengo
AloTerra Restoration Services
Speaking: May 22nd Keynote Presentation - Ecosystems as Models for Stoking a Circular Economy

John’s conservation career began in 1981, smashing cans on the sidewalk outside their house in South San Francisco. This provided his first lesson in economics, though he had no clue what economics was until studying business and ecology a decade later in San Diego. This melding of economics and ecology aroused John’s intrigue in a universal challenge: preserving earth’s ecosystems while meeting humanity’s economic needs. After working in the recycling industry for six years, he pursued a graduate degree in ecological restoration, and has since been working to restore degraded ecosystems. Growing protests against globalization motivated John to write Ecosystems as Models for Restoring our Economies, integrating thirty years of experience and research in ecology, business, economics, and conservation. In a way, John has come full circle, by nurturing a deeper conservation need—economic restoration. This includes his lecture series at universities and public venues across the US, and developing sustainable business solutions for industry. In his free time, John can be found playing music, trekking, conducting research, and of course…writing. 

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Jamie HarkinsJamie Harkins
Sustainability Sr. Manager, Circular Economy
Speaking: May 23rd During What is our role in the Circular Economy? 

Jamie serves as the Sustainability Senior Manager for Circular Economy at the City of Boulder, where she has worked for 13 years in the Climate Initiatives Department. She leads the strategic planning of Boulder’s circular economy efforts and manages a team focusing on the development and implementation of policies, programs, incentives, and innovative pilot projects. She is passionate about reducing consumption and creating a more circular world, both in Boulder and beyond. She holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Economics & Policy from Duke University and also served as a recent mayor of Lafayette.

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Felix HeiselFelix Heisel
Assistant Professor of Architecture / Director of the Circular Construction Lab, Cornell University
He / Him
Speaking: May 23rd, virtually, during Enabling Circular Construction Session

Felix Heisel is working towards the systemic redesign of the built environment as a material depot of endless use and reconfiguration. He is an Assistant Professor of Architecture and the Director of the Circular Construction Lab at Cornell University's College of Architecture, Art, and Planning and a faculty fellow at the Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability. Heisel is founding partner of 2hs architects and engineers, Germany, an office specialized in the development of circular prototypologies. He has received various awards for his work and published numerous books and articles on the topic, including Building Better - Less - Different: Circular Construction and Circular Economy (Birkhäuser, 2022) or Building from Waste (Birkhäuser, 2014). Heisel graduated from the Berlin University of the Arts and has been teaching and researching at universities around the world, including the Berlage Institute; the Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction, and City Developments; the Future Cities Laboratory in Singapore; ETH Zürich; and Harvard GSD.

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Chris HerrChris Herr
Director of Sustainability for the Auraria Campus
Speaking: May 23rd During What is our role in the Circular Economy? 

Chris is the Director of Sustainability on the Auraria Campus in Downtown Denver which has a student, staff and faculty headcount of over 42,000. His role is to facilitate programs and projects that reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, conserve water, encourage alternative forms of transportation, create educational opportunities for the student body, and otherwise conserve our resources. 

Chris has an Master's in Public Administration from CU Denver and is dedicated to improving our world through environmental and social action.

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Eric HerbierEric Heyboer
Contractor with the US Department of Energy
Speaking: May 23rd during Putting Circular Economies in Motion in Colorado

Eric Heyboer is currently a contractor with the US Department of Energy supporting programs that advance renewable energy initiatives across the country, particularly in the hydrogen and fuel cells space. Previously, Eric administered the Recycling Resources Economic Opportunity Grant Program at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. His career began with the Boulder County Resource Conservation Division where he helped expand the County's zero waste program for County offices. Eric is proud to have served as a Recycle Colorado board member in 2012-2014 and 2016-2018.

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Meghan IbachMeghan Ibach
Product & Zero Waste Specialist, Eco-Products
Speaking: May 23rd during What is our role in the Circular Economy? Session

Passionate about food and waste systems, Meghan has been working in the sustainability realm for over 12 years. She's run sustainability for a large dining institution and currently works with operators of all sizes to implement waste diversion programs. Her favorite part of the job at Eco-Products is networking with composters across the Rockies and Southwest to find solutions to contamination and improve the quality of that amazing black gold. 

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Barrett JensenBarrett Jensen
Government Affairs Manager, Waste Connections of Colorado Inc., Board Member, FRWD Enterprise//Board Member, Colorado Motor Carriers Association// Board Member, Industrial Property Owners Consortium
Speaking: May 22nd during How Do Producer Responsibility and Recycling Refund Programs Work Together? A panel discussion 

Born and raised in Glenwood Springs, CO, Barrett Jensen joined the United States Marine Corps in 2007 and completed two combat tours in Afghanistan. In 2013, Jensen accepted a position as a scale attendant at the Pitkin County Landfill in Snowmass and in 2015 completed his Bachelor of Applied Science in Public Administration from Colorado Mesa University. After serving in multiple landfill operations capacities, Jensen accepted a position as the Solid Waste Division Director for Mesa County in Grand Junction, where he conducted large-scale education and outreach campaigns, educating the community on solid waste activities, including landfilling, compost, and hazardous waste. In 2019, Jensen accepted a position as the District Manager of the Fountain Landfill with Waste Connections of Colorado, Inc. and in 2022 accepted a position as their Government Affairs Manager. Jensen also serves on the Board of Directors for the Colorado Motor Carriers Association and the Industrial Property Owners Consortium.

Laurie JohnsonLaurie Johnson
Founder & CEO of Circular Colorado
Speaking: May 22nd during Managing C&D Materials from Job Sites to Infrastructure: Waste Diversion, Resource Recovery, and Colorado C&D End-Markets and May 23rd during Putting Circular Economies in Motion in Colorado

Laurie Johnson is the founder and CEO of Circular Colorado, a nonprofit working on waste diversion and end market creation in Colorado. Prior to this, Laurie was the Chief Operating Officer for a local Colorado roll-off hauling company and served as the Executive Director for Recycle Colorado. Outside of Colorado, Laurie served as VP of Client Services for Recyclebank, and she owned a distribution business in Phoenix for eight years. She serves on multiple boards in Colorado including being the Board Chair for the Front Range Waste Diversion Board. Laurie holds a B.A. in Urban Affairs and an MBA in Sustainable Business.

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Sarah JonesSarah B. Jones
Director of Social Responsibility, Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation
Speaking: May 23rd During What is our role in the Circular Economy? 

Sarah B. Jones, Director of Sustainability and Community Engagement, has more than 25 years of experience investigating, evaluating and presenting information about environmental issues. At Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation (SSRC), she oversees operational sustainability, works with local municipalities to advance climate action, and partners with local government agencies and nonprofits on the preservation of local natural resources. Before joining the team at SSRC, Jones was Executive Director of Yampa Valley Sustainability Council for 7 years.  She has also worked as an environmental consultant, managing both the technical and administrative aspects of multi-site environmental clean-up programs. She received her B.A. in Biology, Environmental Studies from Colby College, and her M.S. in Geology, Environmental Geochemistry from University of Colorado, Boulder.

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Megan JorgensenMegan Jorgensen
Sustainability Maven, Eco-Products, PBC
Speaking: May 23rd during Truth in Labeling Session

With over 13 years of working in the sustainability field, Megan Jorgensen has a unique set of experiences and skills around responsible sourcing, operational footprint and impacts, zero waste programs, and stakeholder engagement and education. She began her career building the sustainability program for Snooze an A.M. Eatery, spent 3 years working on Safety, Environmental Compliance & Sustainability for Denver Zoo, and is now happy to work on the Eco-Products team. 

In her current role at Eco-Products as Sustainability Maven, Megan is responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive ESG strategy. She also supports the Product & Zero Waste Specialist team in their efforts to scale waste diversion practices for customers by assisting in the development of their zero waste programs, and by working with composters, industry partners and thought leaders to build responsible waste infrastructure across the US. 

Megan earned a MSMO in Managing for Sustainability from the CU Denver Business School in 2016. She has been actively involved in the responsible business community through the years, from acting as the Sustainability Chair to local responsible food and business events, to serving on multiple advisory boards, and mentoring other individuals and organizations in their sustainability journey. 

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Amelia KovacsAmelia Kovacs
Sustainability Programs Coordinator, Walking Mountains Science Center
Speaking: May 22nd during Reduce. Reuse. Divert. Repeat: Breaking the Disposable Culture.

Amelia (she/her) is a conservation biologist and sustainability advocate from Phoenix, Arizona. She received her B.S. in Conservation Biology and Ecology with a minor in Sustainability and a certificate in Sustainable Food Systems from Arizona State University. At Walking Mountains Science Center in Eagle County, Colorado, Amelia is the leader of the Materials Management Task Force, where she manages the county's diversion report, supervises the Sustainability Internship program, and oversees 115+ days/year of zero waste events.

Before joining Walking Mountains, Amelia led a residential compost program and drafted a climate action plan for Phoenix, Arizona with a city councilwoman. She also represented her university at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 25) in Madrid, Spain. Amelia is dedicated to making sustainability fun and accessible to all. She believes in meeting people where they're at and introducing sustainable changes in a way that is engaging and enjoyable.

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Jessica LallyJessica Lally
Program Manager, City & County of Denver
Speaking: May 22nd during Producer Responsibility & Recycling Refunds: Can they work together?

Jessica is an experienced Program Manager for the Utilities Administration of Denver’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure, specifically working with the Solid Waste Division to implement policies, programs, and processes that drive operational efficiencies and waste diversion for the city. Most notably, she oversees the development and implementation of Denver’s Pay As You Throw program. Jessica is also a Recycle Colorado Board Member and liaison to the Colorado Composting Council. 

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Megan LaneMegan Lane
Circularity & Public Affairs Manager for Beverage Packaging North and Central America for Ball Corporation
Speaking: May 22nd during How Do Producer Responsibility and Recycling Refund Programs Work Together? A panel discussion and May 23rd during What is our role in the Circular Economy?

Megan Lane is the Circularity & Public Affairs Manager for Beverage Packaging North and Central America for Ball Corporation. Megan has over ten years of experience in the sustainable materials management and environmental industry.

Megan joined Ball in 2021. In her role Megan leads the strategy and execution of Ball’s policy strategy to increase the recycling rates of aluminum and help foster circular economies across North and Central America.

Prior to coming to Ball, Megan worked at the City and County of Denver for five years where she managed projects, developed frameworks and policies, and lead strategic initiatives. Megan also has experience in solid waste management consulting and managing zero waste/sustainability programs for venues and arenas. 

Megan holds bachelor’s degrees in sociology and public policy from the University of Denver and a master’s degree in public policy with an academic focus on environmental policy from the University of Denver. 

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Laura LevesqueLaura Levesque
TASP Consultant | Eco-Cycle Campaigns Mgr.
Speaking: May 22nd During CDPHE Updates TASP Session & May 23rd during Recruiting Cleantech Recyclers to Colorado's Circular Economy Development Center Session

Laura is a Campaign Manager at Eco-Cycle and serves on TASP (a Technical Assistance Service Provider program for Front Range communities) to establish and optimize recycling, composting and waste reduction programs and policies. She also serves on Colorado's Pollution Prevention Advisory Board Assistance Committee and was a 2017 Colorado Cleantech Energy Fellow. 

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J. Cody LillstromJ. Cody Lillstrom, MPA
Zero Waste Program Manager, Boulder County
Speaking: May 22nd during The C&D Council Presents: The Colorado C&D Policy Toolkit Session

Cody Lillstrom is the Zero Waste Program Manager for Boulder County, CO. In that role he oversees the County’s internal zero waste program and two mountain waste transfer stations, as well as the waste hauler licensing and reporting systems, and the community programs which include spring clean up events and public drop off centers. Cody has worked on expanding hard to recycle services in the County including all internal zero waste services and the services offered at the mountain transfer stations so residents in Boulder County’s mountain communities have the opportunity to divert more material from the landfill. 

Cody has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a Master’s in Public Administration with an emphasis in environmental policy, management and law from the University of Colorado at Denver. In his free time he enjoys doing all things outdoors, especially cycling, fishing, hiking, and skiing, and supporting the best football club in the world, Liverpool Football Club.

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Beth MarkhamBeth Markham
Environmental Sustainability Manager, Town of Vail
Speaking: May 22nd during Reduce. Reuse. Divert. Repeat: Breaking the Disposable Culture.

Beth Markham is the Environmental Sustainability Manager for the Town of Vail and implements programs to achieve goals established in the Town of Vail Environmental Sustainability Strategic Plan and the adopted Climate Action Plan for the Eagle County Community. Focus areas include waste diversion, sustainable transportation, greenhouse gas emissions reduction, climate adaptation and resiliency, and sustainable business and tourism. Education and outreach are at the heart of her work. Prior to her current role, Beth spent 15 years in environmental education, connecting youth of all ages to the natural world through experiential outdoor science education. Fueling her passion for teaching youth and adults, residents and visitors, Beth is guided by the Baba Dioum quote, “In the end, we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught.” When not implementing sustainability programs for Town of Vail, Beth can be found skiing, hiking, mountain biking, and exploring the Colorado mountains with her family.

Connect with Beth: Email, LinkedIn

Dan MatschDan Matsch
Compost Department Director, Eco-Cycle / Co-chair, Colorado Composting Council
Speaking: May 23rd during Policy and EPR Impacts for Composters Session and Colorado composting Council Meeting

Dan has worked in recycling, composting, and organic farming since 1982. His Zero Waste focus looks to marry these interests to maintain the highest value of our resources through creating local circular economies. Dan spearheads Eco-Cycle’s focus on utilizing organic waste and other resources in a local and global effort to restore healthy soil and sequester carbon. Dan serves as co-chair of the Colorado Composting Council and previously directed Eco-Cycle’s Center for Hard-to-Recycle Materials (CHaRM). Eco-Cycle is a non-profit zero waste company founded in 1976 that provides recyclables processing and commercial food waste collections for Boulder County, Colorado, and Zero Waste planning advice for the world.

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Liz MauroLiz Mauro
Landfill Manager, South Canyon Landfill, City of Glenwood Springs
Speaking: May 23rd during Compost Processes: Adjusting recipes for unconventional feedstocks Session

Liz Mauro lives, works, and gardens in Glenwood Springs. Liz is passionate about bringing our natural resource pathways full circle by composting, recycling, and mindful materials choices. She has worked in wastewater, solid waste, recycling, and composting in Colorado and is currently the Landfill Manager for the City of Glenwood Springs.

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John A. MillerJohn A. Miller
Colorado Soil Health Program Coordinator (STAR) - CDA
Speaking: May 22nd during Closing the Loop on Compost Session

John was raised on a cattle ranch near Hotchkiss, Colorado where he still lives with his wife and daughter. He has a background in engineering and surveying and has worked for the USDA-NRCS to design and troubleshoot many types of irrigation systems. Mr. Miller led the Delta Conservation District’s Irrigation Water Management Program for over a decade and has spent much of his career promoting healthy soil practices on farms and ranches throughout the state. 

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Brandy MoeBrandy Moe
Vice Chair, Recycle Colorado Policy Committee and Vice President, Recycle Colorado Board of Directors 
Speaking: May 22nd during Barriers in Local Ordinances for Organics Diversion

Connect with Brandy: Email, LinkedIn


Randy MoormanRandy Moorman
Director of Policy and Community Campaigns, Eco-Cycle
Recycle Colorado Policy Committee Chair
Speaking: May 21st during the Policy Retreat and Eelcome Reception and May 22nd during Advancing Communities Up the Zero Waste Ladder: Actions, Leading Practices, and FRWD’s New TASP Program

Randy is the Director of Policy and Community Campaigns for Eco-Cycle where he has worked since 2012 and is Eco-Cycle’s Project Lead for TASP. He has successfully spearheaded public outreach and advocacy campaigns in Boulder, Lafayette, Longmont, Arvada and recently worked to successfully pass the Expanded Waste Services Ordinance in Denver. He serves as the Policy Chair for Recycle Colorado

and over the past 6 years has led efforts to pass significant state recycling legislation, including most recently, the Producer Responsibility Act that will require brand names to pay into a system so that every Coloradan will have access to recycling. He has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Purdue University and a Master of Environmental Management from Duke University. He also currently serves on the Arvada City Council.

Connect with Randy: Email

Jeremy NorrisJeremy R. Norris
CEO / President of Wind Power Solutions LLC
Speaking: May 23rd during Recruiting Cleantech Recyclers to Colorado's Circular Economy Development Center Session

​​Renewable energy professional with over 10+ years of construction and wind energy experience. Recently has dedicated his efforts to creating innovative and environmentally safe solutions for recycling Wind Turbine Blades.

Connect with Jeremy: LinkedIn, Website


Aaron PalumboDr. Aaron Palumbo
Chief Executive Office of REQYRD
Speaking: May 23rd during Recruiting Cleantech Recyclers to Colorado's Circular Economy Development Center Session

Dr. Aaron Palumbo has been working on sustainable chemical process development for the past 15 years and received his Ph.D. from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2014. Over the course of his career, Aaron has worked on business and technology development for a variety of sustainability process initiatives with emphasis on lab-to-pilot scale-up. Examples include magnesium metal production, lithium-ion battery recycling, thermochemical biomass conversion, and algae cultivation.

Connect with Aaron: Email, LinkedIn

Anna PerksAnna Perks
Owner and Founder, Perks Deconstruction
Speaking: May 23rd during Deconstruction Partnerships and Pathways Session

Anna Perks owns and operates Perks Deconstruction. She is a Colorado Green Building Guild member and on the Construction & Deconstruction council for Recycle Colorado. She is considered an expert in building material diversion and has experience in waste management, business sustainability, environmental education, and business development. Her focus now is on managing construction and demolition debris, building partnerships along the front range, and increasing education and awareness around building material reuse.  

Anna founded Perks Deconstruction in 2019. The company takes a surgical approach to demolition to maximize the salvage and recycle value of the materials. In the first four years of business, Perks Deconstruction has diverted over 4.5 million lbs. of material from the landfill. Perks’ team takes pride in giving material another life and often donates the material to local non-profits for reuse. They also have a warehouse in Commerce City where they sell reclaimed lumber, flooring, and more!

Connect with Anna: LinkedIn, Email, Website, Instagram

Michael PortMichael Port
Construction Recycling Analyst, Pitkin County Solid Waste Center
C&D Council Chair
Speaking: May 22nd during The C&D Council Presents: The Colorado C&D Policy Toolkit Session

Since moving to Colorado in 2018, Michael has enjoyed diving into the world of waste, recycling and circular economy with a focus on construction and demolition materials. He currently works as the Construction Recycling Analyst at the Pitkin County Solid Waste Center in Aspen and implements the County’s C&D ordinance established in 2020. He also previously held positions with SERA, Inc and Recycle Colorado. While at Recycle Colorado in 2019, he is proud to have authored the “Construction & Demolition Materials End Market Development Report” which kick-started Recycle Colorado’s involvement and research into C&D materials. He holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Management & Policy from Lund University, Sweden and a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies from San Diego State University. In his spare time he enjoys being outdoors and taking advantage of everything the beautiful Rocky Mountains have to offer.

Connect with Michael: Email, LinkedIn

Lelande RehardLelande Rehard 
Senior Associate for Policy and Programs, Product Stewardship Institute 
Speaking: May 23rd during EPR Beyond Packaging Session

Lelande Rehard, Senior Associate for Policy and Programs, works with state, local, and tribal governments throughout the U.S. to develop and implement voluntary product stewardship and legislated EPR programs for electronics, pharmaceuticals, medical sharps, gas cylinders, and mattresses. Prior to joining PSI, Lelande served as assistant city administrator for the City of Ashland, Missouri; as administrator for a solid waste district that encompassed the City of Columbia, Missouri; and as management fellow for the City of Columbia, MO City Manager’s Office. Lelande holds an MPA in Public Administration with an emphasis in regional development and a BA in classics, both from the University of Missouri in Columbia Missouri. 

Connect with Lelande: Email

Jennifer RichardsonJennifer Richardson
Solid Waste & Sustainability Division Director, Mesa County, Recycle Colorado Board Member
Speaking: May 23rd During What is our role in the Circular Economy? 

Jennifer Richardson is the Solid Waste and Sustainability Division Director for Mesa County. She is responsible for the management and leadership of Mesa County’s complex solid waste management system, including strategic planning, development, and implementation of existing and new programs at the Solid Waste Management Campus. She enjoys educating the community on proper solid waste disposal and waste diversion. She prides herself on being a community resource and values collaborating with diverse public and private partners. She currently serves on the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s Pollution Prevention Advisory Board Assistance Committee and is a newly appointed Recycle Colorado board member. Jennifer received her Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science from Mesa State College and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership with a certificate in Environmental Policy from the University of Denver. She is a certified Wetland Scientist, Stormwater Management Supervisor, Integrated Solid Waste Manager, and Manager of Landfill Operations.

Connect with Jennifer: Email

Alexa RosensteinAlexa Rosenstein
Sustainability Specialist, Denver International Airport
Speaking: May 23rd During What is our role in the Circular Economy? 

Alexa currently works for the City of Denver as an Environmental Sustainability Specialist at Denver International Airport. Her primary focus at DEN is on the waste system – identifying opportunities for waste diversion, expanding composting efforts, cleaning up the recycling stream, and shifting the culture around waste and sustainability among DEN’s employees. 

She previously worked for a Denver-based compost hauling company, a small environmental consulting firm, and a tech startup. She has robust experience helping organizations implement composting programs, running zero-waste events, and educating folks on the importance of waste diversion.

Connect with Alexa: Email, LinkedIn

Clinton SanderClinton Sander
A1 Organics - Marketing Manager
Speaking: May 22nd during Closing the Loop on Compost Session

Clinton joined A1 Organics in July 2018. He worked in the retail natural foods industry creating marketing initiatives, brand campaigns, and innovative merchandising techniques. He is very passionate about regenerative practices, sustainability, family, and giving back to your community. Clinton has seen first-hand the importance and value of diverting organics out of landfills within a commercial retail food environment and the contamination challenges this environment creates. As the marketing manager for A1 Organics, Clinton actively works on marketing initiatives and communication strategies focused on the amazing environmental benefits of compost application and organics recycling.

Connect with Clinton: Email, Facebook, LinkedIn

Charlie SchwarzeCharlie Schwarze
Director - Sustainability, Keurig Dr Pepper
Speaking: May 23rd during Keynote, Colorado’s new Producer Responsibility Program: A conversation, and during What is our role in the Circular Economy? Session

Charlie is the board chair for the Circular Action Alliance, the nation’s first non-profit producer responsibility organization – or PRO – for paper and packaging. CAA was established to support paper and packaging producers in meeting their obligations under extended producer responsibility (EPR) regulations where they exist in the United States.

In his full-time capacity role, Charlie leads packaging sustainability work for Keurig Dr Pepper - KDP - and focuses his time on reducing the environmental impact of packaging for the companies 125+ owned, licensed and partner brands. Prior to KDP, Charlie worked in various leadership roles within the packaging and recycling value chain, following an 11-year career as a naval aviator. Charlie lives with his family in Virginia.

Connect with Charlie: Email, LinkedIn

Kathryn SlaughterKathryn Slaughter
Principal Materials Management Specialist and Founder, VERT Sites LLC
Recycle Colorado, Construction & Demolition Committee
Summit County Government, Zero Waste Task Force
Town of Breckenridge, Events Committee 
Speaking: May 22nd during Managing C&D Materials from Job Sites to Infrastructure: Waste Diversion, Resource Recovery, and Colorado C&D End-Markets and Reduce. Reuse. Divert. Repeat: Breaking the Disposable Culture. Session

Kathryn Slaughter’s intimate experience with waste streams in the greater Colorado and tourism-destination based areas has led her to be a materials management and waste diversion expert in the Hospitality & Tourism, Construction & Demolition, and Events & Experiential industries.

Kat is a TRUE Zero Waste Advisor with GBCI, a certified Practitioner of Zero Waste Principles and Practices, and trained in the Management of MSW Collections Systems and Construction & Demolition Debris Management with the Solid Waste Association of North America. She holds a Superintendent Demolition certificate with the National Demolition Association and completed trades training with Construction Education Foundation.

Prior to establishing VERT Sites, Kat was a Sustainability Manager for a fractional real-estate organization and its four resorts. There, she streamlined materials management operations and led waste diversion efforts for the construction of the company’s newest resort, the Grand Colorado on Peak 8. Kathryn also has direct experience with material hauling and disposal having been the Recycling Coordinator for a Summit County ski area and resort. There, she was required to drive, haul, and dispose of materials for the resort and resort departments. Lastly, she led sales and operations for a private material hauler in Summit County before establishing VERT Sites in 2019.  

She holds a Masters of Applied Ethics, with concentrations in Environmental Ethics and Bio-Ethics, and has been living in Summit County, Colorado since 2011.

Connect with Kat: Email, LinkedIn, Company LinkedIn, Instagram

Robb SommerfieldRobb Sommerfeld
Executive Director National Center for Craftsmanship
Speaking: May 23rd during Deconstruction Partnerships and Pathways Session

Robb had taught Industrial Technology, Pre-Engineering and Robotics in the Thompson School District in Colorado for 2 decades. Building upon a career in manufacturing and construction, he attended Colorado State University and was awarded his Masters in Science and Teaching Credential in 2003. Robb works hard to promote trades skills, so students realize that there are other options for career paths outside of the college track. Robb has been instrumental in diffusing the National Center for Craftsmanship’s goals throughout northern Colorado and nationally.

Connect with Robb: Email, TikTok , Website, Youtube

Dylan de ThomasDylan de Thomas
VP of Public Policy & Government Affairs
Speaking: May 22nd during How Do Producer Responsibility and Recycling Refund Programs Work Together? A panel discussion and May 23rd Plastic Pollution Reduction Act: Informed Solutions

Dylan de Thomas works with the policy team at The Recycling Partnership, working on policy development and advocacy efforts for the organization at the state and federal levels. While at the Partnership, Dylan has worked across the organization, serving as a recycling system stakeholder representative, working to communicate, collaborate and find consensus on complex issues surrounding unlocking the circular economy. Dylan is also active around recycling policy implementation in his home state of Oregon, having chaired the state's Truth In Labeling Task Force and is currently serving on the state's Recycling Advisory Council as it works to advise the implementation of Oregon's EPR law, the Recycling Modernization Act.

Connect with Dylan: Email, LinkedIn, Website, Twitter

Alex TrueloveAlex Truelove
Legislation & Advocacy Manager
Speaking: May 23rd Truth in Labeling Session

Alex joined BPI in early 2022 as the organization’s legislation and advocacy manager, having previously directed the U.S. Public Interest Research Group’s (PIRG) zero waste program. He remains passionate about waste reduction, public policy, and working with others to incrementally solve messy environmental problems.

Connect with Alex: Linkedin, Email

Jonathan WachtelJonathan Wachtel
Sustainability Manager, City of Lakewood
Board Member, Recycle Colorado
Board Chair, Sustainable Neighborhood Network
Speaking: May 22nd during The C&D Council Presents: The Colorado C&D Policy Toolkit Session

Jonathan Wachtel is the Sustainability Manager for the City of Lakewood, CO where he is focused on fostering thoughtful collaborations that will help the community achieve its vision for an equitable and sustainable future.

Jonathan has managed numerous comprehensive planning projects including the development of Lakewood’s Sustainability Plan and also created Lakewood’s internationally recognized Sustainable Neighborhoods Program. In his career, Jonathan has worked with local, regional, and national leaders across a range of topics advancing urban sustainability including climate action planning, sustainable building and zoning codes, renewable energy, zero waste, multi-modal transportation, and community engagement. Jonathan’s work has been recognized with awards from the Harvard Kennedy School for Innovations in American Government, Bloomberg Philanthropies, C40 Cities, and the American Planning Association. 

Jonathan currently serves as the Chairman of the Board for the Sustainable Neighborhood Network, sits on the Board of Directors for Recycle Colorado, and is a member of the University of Colorado Denver’s Managing for Sustainability Advisory Council.  

Jonathan is an avid cyclist and skier and a believer in the power of curiosity, humor, and a good soundtrack. 

Connect with Jonathan: LinkedIn, Email

Nina WaysdorfNina Waysdorf
Waste Diversion and Recycling Manager, City and County of Denver
Speaking: May 23rd During What is our role in the Circular Economy? 

Nina Waysdorf is the Waste Diversion and Recycling Manager for the City and County of Denver’s Solid Waste Division in the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure. Nina oversees the division’s diversion and education & outreach initiatives, focusing on advancing the City’s diversion rates through accessible and innovative programming. Prior to her role with Denver, Nina worked at Walking Mountains Science Center running the waste reduction and diversion programs and education and outreach initiatives for the Sustainability Programs Department. She has a BA from The George Washington University and a Masters of the Environment degree from University of Colorado, Boulder, completing a capstone project with Vail Resorts working on the Zero Waste to Landfill goal. Nina grew up in Denver and loves the typical Colorado things – mountain activities, patios, dogs, parks, and sunshine.

Connect with Nina: Email, LinkedIn

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