Polypropylene Recycling Grant Program

Deadline: November 30 and March 31

The purpose of the Polypropylene Recycling Grant Program is to facilitate Material Recovery Facility (MRF) processing, sortation and marketing of polypropylene packaging to ensure the widest possible access to polypropylene recycling in community recycling collection programs in the United States.

This program focuses on equipment and process investments that establish polypropylene as an automatically MRF-accepted material. Those investments must lead to inclusion of polypropylene as an accepted material in collection programs supplying the MRF, either as a separate grade or as part of a mixed grade of plastics (e.g., a #3 –7 resin grade). The projects must result in the successful ongoing return of polypropylene to manufacturing use.

Eligibility: Publicly, privately and non-profit owned and operated MRFsin the United Statesare eligible for funding under this grant program. Localrecycling collection programs, post-MRF processors of polypropylene or mixed resin grades, or any other parties not directly involved in MRF processing are not eligible for funding. 

More information: https://recyclingpartnership.org/polypropylene-coalition/

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